July 2009

Improving Your Ability to Focus and Concentrate

July 31, 2009

BEING ABLE TO CONCENTRATE ON A GIVEN TASK is a necessary condition for its successful execution and accomplishment. Yet, many people find it very difficult to concentrate. You may find that you just couldn’t see through your work because of various factors. Any of the following could affect your ability to concentrate: […]

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Strengthening Relationship with Your Friend

July 30, 2009

IN LIFE, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS YOU WILL BUILD with your fellow human beings is friendship. Without friends, you would be lonely, rejected, and left out. Usually when you build true friendship, you limit it to only a handful of handpicked individuals. You want to emphasize quality over quantity of […]

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Reawakening Your Inborn Happiness

July 26, 2009

YOU WERE BORN NATURALLY HAPPY. Happiness is already within you, as it is within each of us. But as you get older, you forget that happiness within you. Instead, you allow outside circumstances to determine your happiness. Unfortunately, when things go wrong you allow situations to affect your overall outlook of […]

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How to Manage Work-Related Stress on Busy Days

July 23, 2009

EXCESSIVE WORK-RELATED STRESS COULD MAKE YOU PAY A PRICE in terms of personal and organizational consequences. Your reaction may at first be general (oversleeping, daydreaming), but may later turn more specific (absenteeism, migraine, poor decision-making, etc). You try to cope up with its unpleasantness by jogging, increased smoking, or job quitting. Your […]

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Breaking the Smoking Habit

July 20, 2009

SMOKING IS A RISK FACTOR FOR ILLNESS AND A CAUSE OF PREMATURE DEATH. While the behavior can be modified and its morbid effects prevented, nicotine addiction makes this extremely difficult. Many smokers wish they had never started the habit. If first-time smoking produces unpleasant feelings, why do they continue to the point […]

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How to Increase Your Intelligence

July 18, 2009

GENIUSES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE OBJECTS OF ADMIRATION AND ENVY OF MOST PEOPLE. They are born an intellectual ability that average persons are not blessed with. And yet average persons are resigned to their fate. They believe their intelligence could increase only by a small percentage through education and other intellectually challenging […]

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Let Optimism and Positive Thinking Glide You Towards Success

July 17, 2009

MANY PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHO THEIR WORST ENEMIES REALLY ARE. For them, it is always the other person. Little do they realize that as they allow negative feelings to creep in and block their way towards their goals, they turn themselves into their worst enemies.
Let us say someone is […]

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Do You Kill Your Dreams with Negative Self-Talk?

July 16, 2009

LISTEN TO YOURSELF WHEN YOU SPEAK. What words and vocal expressions come out of your mouth? How do you respond to questions and react to situations? Do they sound positive or negative?
A Case Study
You must have met some people who tell you their dark stories, even if you did not ask. […]

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Increase Personal Productivity through Systematic Task Management

July 15, 2009

HAVE YOU UNDERTAKEN A LARGE PROJECT AND GOTTEN OVERWHELMED at its considerable time and effort requirements? Large-scale project management can indeed be challenging, even for the seasoned who have had so much experience in it. What if you had three, four, or even five of these simultaneously in your hands, wouldn’t you consider […]

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Consider Becoming a Life Coach

July 14, 2009

DO YOU ENJOY HELPING PEOPLE? Do you have an energetic and charismatic personality? Consider life coaching as a suitable vocation or avocation for you.
I am sure many of you have already received some form of help from a life coach. Your coach worked one-on-one with you either in person or by phone. […]

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How to Breathe Properly in Times of Stress

July 13, 2009

DO YOU NOTICE THE WAY YOU BREATHE WHENEVER YOU FEEL STRESSED? You tend to breathe faster and shallowly. This manner of breathing causes constriction in your blood vessels, because it brings down the carbon dioxide level in the blood. In many cases, it results to hyperventilation, throwing your metabolism completely out of […]

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Stress Management for Health and Happiness

July 12, 2009

DO YOU KNOW THAT UNREGULATED DAILY STRESSES CAN TAKE ITS TOLL on both your physical and mental health? The following manifestations are indicative of the adverse effects of stress that you experience at work, in your dealings with others, or out of the thoughts that you harbor about your own situation. They are […]

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How Time Management Brings You Happiness

July 12, 2009

TO EXERCISE TIME MANAGEMENT, YOU SHOULD TAKE SOME TIME OUT FROM YOUR REGULAR DAILY ACTIVITIES to sit down and plan out how to spend time efficiently. Spending some time for this purpose is like spending money to make more money. This is called investment. So, you “waste” time, so to speak, […]

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