What Happens When You Refuse to Forgive?

by Percival J. Meris on October 26, 2014


WHEN YOU REFUSE TO FORGIVE, you are tempted to get even – to seek revenge. To seek revenge is not a well thought out response. Like the instinct of self-preservation, it is the product of biologically designed system of self-protection.

Your nervous system perceives danger, but it cannot distinguish between present and past dangers. So, it activates your fight-or-light response.
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The Power of Confidence

October 24, 2014

O F THE MANY SECRETS TO SUCCESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE is the most important. It is belief in your ability that encourages you to take risk to accomplish things beyond your perceived present capability. What holds you back is not who you think you are but what you think you are not.
Life’s circumstances will put your determination […]

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Taking Care of Your Relationships

October 21, 2014

I N LIFE, YOU ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE YOU MEET. If you play by the rules, you will improve and strengthen your relationships.
Playing by the rules in human relations means accentuating the other person’s positives and downplaying the negatives. Revel in your friend’s best qualities and let the inconsequential faults slide. […]

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How to Argue Constructively with Your Spouse

October 18, 2014

E VERY NOW AND THEN, THERE ARISE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE occasional arguments over things you disagree on. These arguments may run to such an extent that they adversely affect your relationship. For this reason, you may be tempted simply to avoid arguments.
Arguments are a normal part of a healthy relationship. Who are involved […]

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Encouraging Acts of Kindness

July 15, 2012

An Act of Kindness

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Office
O NE OF OUR PRIME PURPOSE IN THIS PLANET IS TO DO ACTS OF KINDNESS to one another. We should not have second thoughts about helping other people. In an ideal world, kindness should come naturally for everybody. We were hardwired to be considerate. In fact, we all […]

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Five Simple Ways to Read a Man’s Body Language of Love

April 14, 2012

Man’s Body Language of Love

Photo Models: April Rose Meris and Mark Ballesteros
L ADY, IF YOU WANT TO KNOW IF A GUY IS INTERESTED IN YOU, learn how to read man’s body language of love. Fortunately for you, a man’s body is very much like an open book. It is not as difficult for you […]

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How to Become the True Gentleman That Everyone Admires

March 31, 2012

E VERYBODY ADMIRES A TRUE GENTLEMAN. He is the ladies’ “knight in shining armor”, the hero and idol of teenage boys, hungry for a good role model to emulate, and the paragon and inspiration of other men, aspiring to be like him. How does a man become a true gentleman that everybody admires? Here are […]

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How to Make Extra Money with Facebook Marketing

February 29, 2012

W HETHER YOU ARE A HUGE MARKETING CORPORATION OR SOME SMALL INDIVIDUAL MARKETER, struggling to make extra money online, one of your most effective promotional strategy is internet marketing via social networking – Facebook marketing, in particular.
Why Facebook Marketing Is an Effective Strategy to Make Extra Money
You don’t need to be an internet marketing expert […]

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What and How to Eat for Weight Loss: Some Practical Tips and Tricks

January 22, 2012

How to Eat for Weight Loss Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime
Y OU JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT AND HOW TO EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS, so that you can continue losing weight without starving yourself. Otherwise, you decrease your likelihood of success in your weight loss program.
What to Eat for Weight Loss
Eating is an important […]

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Harnessing Our Spiritual Power to Bring About Wealth and Abundance

December 31, 2011

Spiritual Power Image Courtesy of Dreamstime
W E ALL POSSESS SPIRITUAL POWER AND ALL LIVE IN AN ABUNDANT WORLD. These are our (each of us) birthrights, and are there so that we can live a happy, contented life. Unfortunately, not all of us experience abundance in life because of ignorance to make proper use […]

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Save the Marriage You Cherish from Unnecessary Dissolution

November 30, 2011

Still Hoping to Save the Marriage

Save the Marriage Image Courtesy of Dreamstime
T O SAVE THE MARRIAGE FROM DISSOLUTION MAY BE A DIFFICULT UNDERTAKING but not an impossible one. It is perfectly normal for spouses to experience very difficult and trying times in their relationship, but this does not have to end up in separation, […]

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A Simple and Easily Doable Daily Exercise Plan for the Lazybones

October 30, 2011

An Exercise Plan Is What This Lazybones Needs

Exercise Plan Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime.com
A SIMPLE AND EASILY DOABLE DAILY EXERCISE PLAN IS WHAT A LAZYBONES NEEDS, in order to activate momentum that ends up in motivating him to start a regular exercise program later on. Most people do not exercise due to laziness, […]

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How to Develop Anger Management Skills

October 12, 2011

An Anger Management Practitioner

Anger Management Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime.com
ANGER MANAGEMENT IS NOT ABOUT LEARNING NEVER TO BE ANGRY. It is about learning HOW to be angry. The general notion that anger can only be nothing but destructive can be invalidated by a deliberate attempt to render it safe and constructive. Learning how […]

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Discover Your Passion in Life, and Live Your Life by It

September 11, 2011

Music is his passion in life.

Passion in Life Image Courtesy of YouTube
WHAT WOULD YOU BE LIKE, IF YOU DID NOT HAVE PASSION IN LIFE? Like fire without light, you would merely exist, and not radiate exuberant energy. You would resemble the living dead that walk the earth as zombies in the night.
Life is […]

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PATH TO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Technique to Release Repressed Emotions through EFT Tapping

August 24, 2011

The Joy of Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime.com
E MOTIONAL FREEDOM RELEASES YOU FROM THE SHACKLES OF YOUR outdated negative feelings, triggered by nagging memories of an unpleasant past experience. The experience might have elicited an inappropriate emotional response, which later became negatively programmed in your mind in relation to the memory of that […]

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Self-Discipline Formation: Made Simple through Meditation

August 2, 2011

Self-Discipline through Meditation

Self-Discipline through Meditation Photo Courtesy of Photobucket.com
S ELF-DISCIPLINE IS AN IDEA THAT USUALLY CONJURES NEGATIVE IMAGES IN THE MIND. It connotes scenarios of discomfort, pain, sacrifice, and self-denial. I am not disagreeing with this … because it is true.
Despite this, self-discipline is such a positive concept, that you would do yourself […]

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How to Choose the Right Work-at-Home Occupation for You

July 3, 2011

A Work-at-Home Dad at His Kitchen Table

Image Courtesy of Microsoft
A WORK-AT-HOME OCCUPATION IS AN IDEAL OPTION FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO EMPLOYMENT JOBS. These people include retirees, stay-at-home mothers, the unemployed, the underemployed, or those who simply hate being employees.
If you are considering working from home, there are two decision points you […]

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